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Logging in

Compute jobs on the IFB Core HPC cluster are launched from the Unix command line. In order to access the Unix command line you must first log onto a specific computer called the login node. The process of logging on establishes a connection between your own computer and the login node.

Note that you must connect with a terminal session at least once before using tools that may, for example, copy files to your home directory. This is because that first connection is necessary to initialize your home directory on the HPC cluster.


To access the IFB Core HPC cluster you must have:

Your IFB Core HPC cluster account#

In order to get your personal IFB Core HPC cluster account, create an account on the IFB Core Cluster Account Manager:

Please provide your academic email address.

Secure Shell client#

To log on to the IFB Core login node you must use the ssh (secure shell) protocol. This allows you to type commands in a window on your local computer and have them executed on the NNCR HPC cluster. To log on to the NNCR HPC cluster using ssh you must specify the fully qualified name of the login node :

A SSH client is available by default on Mac or Linux computer:

  • On Mac, use the Terminal app located under Applications > Utilities
  • On Linux, use the Terminal or Console application available in your environment.

There is no SSH client available by default on Windows. However, you can download PuTTY which is a free SSH client for Windows.

Logging in to the HPC cluster#

To log in to the IFB Core HPC cluster, sign in to using your IFB Core cluster username and password.

Mac and Linux#

Open a terminal and run the ssh command:

ssh <username>


Start Putty and enter in the field Host Name


Click the Open button

Your username and password will then be requested.

Accessing your data#

Several volumes of data storage are available on the IFB Core cluster. All of these volumes are accessible from the /shared folder.

Your personal home directory (homedir) is located in /shared/home/<your_login>. This folder is used to store your Unix profile.

You have also access to one or more project folders to store your scientific data. These folders are located under /shared/projects.

If unsure, please contact community support website to know which projects folders are available for you.