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[SLURM] Invalid account or account/partition combination specified

Complete message:

srun: error: Unable to allocate resources: Invalid account or account/partition combination specified

Explanation 1

Your current default SLURM account should be the demo one. You may have seen a red notice at login? You can check that using:

$ sacctmgr list user $USER
      User   Def Acct     Admin
---------- ---------- ---------
   cnorris       demo      None

If you don't already have a project, you have to request one from the platform:

Otherwise, you already have a project/account, you can either:

  • Specify at each job your SLURM account:
srun -A my_account command
#SBATCH -A my_account
  • Change your default account
sacctmgr update user $USER set defaultaccount=my_account

⚠️ status_bar is updated hourly. So it may still display demo as your default account by don't worry, it should have work.